MAY 13, 2017 Concert - Review

On Saturday, May 13, 2017, after a few words by Maestro James Domine, and the playing of our National Anthem, the audience took their seats and the evening of glorious music was underway. The opening piece on the program was the exciting and sensual "Bacchanale" from "Samson and Delilah" by Camille Saint-Saens, beautifully played by the Orchestra. The concertgoers responded with great applause. 

Next we heard the inaugural performance by local composer, Richard Egizi. Entitled "In Memoria di Mio Padre." This is a four Tone Poem piece that he wrote in tribute to his late father who, as his best friend and mentor, guided him into and through his musical path. A very touching work, embued with the composer's love and admiration for his father, was felt and acknowledged by the audience's applause and standing ovation. 

"By Steam Or By Dream," a work by Larry Tuttle, another local composer, and bass player with the Orchestra, was next on the program. As the composer put it, "This music was inspired by ideas of invention, progress, and forward momentum, and designed to be colorful and high-energy. It contains equal parts Beethoven scherzo, Irish jig, and rock shuffle, with the audience intended to be transported and have fun." It completely succeeded in doing just that, as demonstrated by the audience's appreciative response at its conclusion.

Following a brief intermission, the orchestra performed,"The Enchanted Lake," by Anatole Liadov. Most of his tone poems were based on Russian folk tales but this piece was an exception; it arose solely from his imagination. The audience was enchanted by the delicate scoring and immaculate craftsmanship, all packaged into a magical six minutes. Once again, the Orchestra was excellent.

The program ended with an outstanding performance of the gorgeous "Romeo and Juliet Overture-Fantasie" by Piotr Illyich Tchaikovsky. There are never words to describe the beauty of this magnificent work. It was a fitting ending to a perfect evening of music, thanks to the great composers, the outstanding performance by the musicians of the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra, and the dedication to his art by our illustrious Conductor/Music Director/Composer, James Domine!



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