Review - August 7, 2016 Concert

On Saturday night, August 6, 2016, the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra presented the Esterhazy Chamber Orchestra of Calabasas in a performance of works by James Domine. Maestro Domine opened the Concert with his Overture: "Fox Sports" Thema Fugatum, adapted from a sports-based theme used by Fox Sports TV. It was perfect timing now that the Olympic Games are underway!

Concerto for Two Violins in D minor, the next offering, was composed originally as a vehicle for The Symphomaniax, a classical music ensemble that features solo violin, guitar, 'cello and bass. In July 2014, the first performance of this concerto in its original version for solo violin and guitar was given at an outdoor concert, with Ruth Bruegger on violin and the composer on guitar. The two-violin version was made the following year and received its inaugural performance last evening featuring Ruth Bruegger and 17-year-old Abigail Tsai playing the solo violin parts beautifully. 

The Concerto for Violin and Violoncello composed in the Fall of 2007 followed, with Ruth Bruegger on violin and Ernie Carbajal, Jr. on 'cello. In the first movement, the violin and 'cello are set in a complementary dialog in a unified texture that unfolds through the exposition; the overall character of the second movement provides a transition to the finale, in which the main theme is given different melodic variations and different permutations. The overall character of this movement is one of comparative lightness and delicacy, ending with appropriate simplicity. Under the baton of Maestro Domine the Orchestra played wonderfully, and the soloists ... no surprise, were outstanding. The audience showed their appreciation!

After a brief intermission, during which were heard many comments from the concertgoers about how much they were enjoying the program, the audience returned to their seats for the Inaugural Performance of the final piece, Symphony #2 in E-flat major (Esterhazy). This symphony is reminiscent of the orchestral repertoire from the earlier classical period, when Franz Josef Hayden was music director and conductor of the Esterhazy Orchestra.

At the end of the performance the audience stood, applauded, and cheered. Many people approached Maestro Domine to congratulate him on his compositions and to express their gratitude.

It was a great night and a great show!


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