Review - September 27, 2014 Concert

The evening began with a pre-concert fundraising dinner at the Marmalade Cafe, just a short distance from Founders Hall at the Calabasas Civic Center. Thanks to everyone who participated, the Orchestra will be the recipient of a substantial check from the restaurant.  

Those of you who attended were truly rewarded with one of the most wonderful Concerts the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Maestro James Domine, has performed. From the rousing opening number, Contrapunctus in D minor by Domine, to the final Symphony #7 in C major by Haydn, the Orchestra played magnificently. 

There are not sufficient adjectives to use in remarking on the three selections in-between and the artists who performed them. The Violin Concerto in C major by Haydn was performed brilliantly by 16 year old Aubree Oliverson, with poise and skill beyond her years; The Horn Concerto #1 in D major by Mozart was played beautifully by veteran horn soloist and Orchestra member Jennifer Bliman; and 16 year old Ernie Carbajal, Jr. "brought down the house" with his superb performance of Popper's Hungarian Rhapsody Op. 68.

As we left the Hall, people all around could be heard extolling the marvelous music and performances they had just been privileged to see and hear. It should be mentioned that the room was sold out; and those who chose to stand indicated how glad they were that they had stayed. Special thanks to them. 

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