Romance for Piano Solo - Albumblätt für Elyse

The “Romance for Piano Solo,” subtitled “Albumblätt für Nara Elyse” is the ninth in a continuing series of Pandemic Productions Premiere Performances of Piano Pieces that James Domine has undertaken during this year. (2021) The opening section is based on a delicate theme that suggests a gentle feeling of classical tranquility set in an “Andante cantabile” tempo. This mood of serenity is then juxtaposed against a contrastingly dramatic section that is in turn followed by a stormy episode suggesting an unspoken narrative that tells a story of Romance. After the famous motive of Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” is paraphrased as a re-transitional quotation, the piano floats lightly suspended above an unfolding prismatic refraction of chromatic harmonic colors that lead us back to the opening theme bringing this charming movement to its conclusion with a grateful feeling of calm after a torrential period of turmoil. All is well that ends well.

The artwork for this Audio-Visual realization is by artist Kathi Flood, a long-time friend and collaborator of the composer. You may visit her website at for more information about her work.