The San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra exists to engage community audiences and enrich people’s lives by sharing in the discovery, creation, exploration and enjoyment of great music.


The San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra’s purpose is to nourish, nurture and lift the human spirit and forge a community where everyone belongs.


The Mission Statement of the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra can be succinctly summed up in our motto: “Bringing Great Music Close To Home.” Our primary focus is to present full-scale live orchestral performances in easily accessible local venues. Our annual subscription series is the anchor of these concerts, augmented by our summer Pops concert and occasional chamber orchestra concerts as time and budgetary constraints allow.


Excellence: We strive for the highest quality in performance, community service and organization.

Passion: We bring determination, great energy and vitality to our work and project a sense of pride.

Education: We seek to ensure greater understanding and appreciation of music by all ages.

Engagement: We listen to and believe in involving the community, our artists, and volunteers in shaping the future of music and ensuring its impact on the broader community.

Innovation: We embrace and anticipate change, experiment with new practices, and shape the future of classical music.

Financial Responsibility: We generate and steward programs and resources which meet the needs of present and future generations.