Ruth Bruegger interprets Violin Concerto

I love the Domine Violin Concerto, Professor Domine! Ruth's interpretation is absolutely magnificent. She plays the concerto with such brilliance and breathtaking sweetness. Such a sweet, delicate sound!

When you asked the orchestra to play the third movement like the end of an opera, I had been thinking all along about how much the accompaniment reminds me of Gilbert and Sullivan. Tartini, Viotti, and Sullivan! How amazing is that! Only Domine could make the combination of styles work and Ruth adds all the brilliant toppings on the cake with her interpretation of the Domine Violin Concerto. I'm so happy that you brought the piece back to life after its thirty year nap.

I wish I could see Ruth playing this piece with the orchestra from up close. I am grateful we got to have a preview of the Concerto at the Canoga Bowl on Wednesday night and that we got to hear it during rehearsal tonite. It could be another thirty years before this piece is going to make its way out into the world again. It was a tremendous gift to hear it with the orchestra tonite.

The repertory for the December 1st concert is wonderful. The Domine Violin Concerto in G Major is so unique, so pretty, and comical at times. It is also isn't an easy piece to play, but Ruth makes it sing. She made me smile throughout all three movements with her musical surprises. And there isn't one but TWO cadenzas in the first movement. An Unheard-of Surprise! Domine and Bruegger make an incredible musical team. The San Fernando Valley Symphony is full of incredible musicians. We are so blessed to have them playing for our community.

-Roxanna Cordova

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